Women Entrepreneur- Smita Singh- Venture Name-Golden Wings by Smita

Smita Singh says crafting is not only her business but it is her passion too. Since childhood she was interested in field of art and craft. Earlier she was busy taking care of her kids and home.

But she was always inclined towards paintings and other form of arts and was doing it in her own small way. Now as kids are grown up and after the extensive growth of social media platforms and internet, she expanded her horizon and thought of converting her passion into her profession.

Smita Singh is a women entrepreneur from Sahakarnagar,Bangalore. You can contact her for personalized gifts or craft classes at Ph no. 9632312386 or Mail id – smita.asmi2005@gmail.com 
Link to FB page on Golden wings by Smita

With encouragement and support of her husband, family and friends her business has expanded. And she has successfully shipped her handmade products across India.

Working from home and social media has given her the flexibility to take care of her kids and home along with her art and craft work, her passion and her business simultaneously.

Her dream is to open her Art and Craft Studio where she can host workshops and display her creative work too.

A wife, a mother, a crafter, Smita is a inspiration to many who look forward to re-start their career after a break.

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