The Day I Die – By Vandita Tiwari

The day I die
Make the balloons fly

No friends are tears
They come in laughter
And in fear
So shed no tear

I am content
Life blessed with
Amazing parents
A wonderful spouse
Kids beauty is still to glorify

The day I die
As my soul reaches the sky
Make the balloons fly

The more I think
The more I am getting greedy
Now I feel
Give the balloon to a needy

The under privileged child
Who never let the balloon fly
As he didn’t knew
When and will a new one come by?
Let him hold it and let it go.

If possible remember my age
And count the years passed by
Take the balloon to match by

And the day I die
My childhood love for the balloons will be soaring high
As my soul reach the sky
Give the balloons , to those kids
And let them make it fly !

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