Swadharini Women Entrepreneur Awards

Surendra Nath Memorial Sarva Samjik Uthaan Sansthaan is a national non-profit organization, working for encouraging the ladies to empower self and supporting and motivating them for self-reliance. To encourage them Every year Surendra Nath Surendra Nath Memorial Sarva Samjik Uthaan Sansthaan begin the event Swadharini women entrepreneur awards 2018 to felicitate the successful women, entrepreneurs because they deserve appreciation and a motivator for the other women entrepreneurs outstanding.,With little or no background in their chosen entrepreneurship endeavour, have not only managed to overcome knowledge and sector understanding barriers but also showed India how to do business. From making a social impact to being hands-on with technology to opening up new vistas and inspiring their own, these women are the leaders of today.

The swadharini- A Fest for women entrepreneur 2018 An evening dedicated to felicitate the Successful women entrepreneurs, those are capable to handle the personal as well professional and community life.

It will be a cultural evening dedicated to Art and Culture and to celebrate women empowerment.
A trade Expo for women entrepreneurs they can show their work and talent

The aims of the Swadharini is to:

 Celebrate Women Empowerment through Art & Culture.
 Celebrating the success of women entrepreneurs
 Acknowledge and highlight the achievements of Women individuals
 Seminars and talks for women starting their startups with the senior and experts speakers with examples of Women achievement
 Motivate Women entrepreneurship
 Develop a sense of pride in being Indian by Promoting Art & Culture.
 Launching the Gramo udhyog for the rural areas women for making them self reliance


Surendra Nath Memorial Sarva Samjik Uthaan Sansthaan is hosting a felicitation of Corporate, Social Work & Education professionals from the Industry. An occasion that is going to attract women achievers from across the country. This is a wonderful opportunity for corporate and allied organizations to recognize the exceptional talent and work.

 Hardships faced by the female’s right from the birth to competitive world.
 Learn from real-life cases studies and examples of their Struggle.
 Be introduced to the Achievers who have beaten all odds.
 Benefit from the learning of a real-life cases is to help countering the same in the near future.

In Swadharini Awards we dedicate the evening to women by presenting various Dance, Drama, Folk Music on Women Empowerment. We also recognize those women who have changed the face of the industry & society forever. It’s a humble effort of ours to honour those who understood the mind and soul of the India and transformed environment for the better. We also bring to light those exceptional ladies who have won the hearts and fans from across the country through different mediums.

In order to recognize, honour and promote the vast contribution by women in India, Surendra Nath Memorial Sarva Samjik Uthaan Sansthaan decided to celebrate women entrepreneurship:-
Swayam-siddha is not only about women struggle to find herself but also a celebration of women hood. Surendra Nath Memorial Sarva Samjik Uthaan Sansthaandecided to celebrate the women hood as Swadharini.

Awards aims to recognise, encourage and reward our Country’s most vital resource, its women and to make them role models for others. Each year the Awards seek out and highlight the incredible achievements of Women individuals that create a sense of state pride, unity and inspiration, through their role modelling to the wider community.
The aims of the Swadharini Awards are to:
 Build self-confidence through rewards for excellence
 Provide role models and mentors for women by highlighting their achievements and the pursuit of excellence
 Encourage leadership and life skills in women individuals by highlighting the stories of legend women of Ascent Time through various cultural activities.

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