Puberty Effect: Am I a Kid or An Adult?

So Confusing!

For one talk, they say, Don’t Talk Like That, You Are Still a Kid!
Just then they say, We expect a little maturity from you, you are grown up  now! HUH!

Are you in the same age? Are you dealing with similar scenario these days? Are you dubious, whether you are still a kid or are you an adult now?

During puberty, children may begin to experience being treated differently by others and get confused about their real age and their behavior.

Every person is different still one thing is common among all, all go through the phase of puberty.

There are multiple physical changes in ones body and if kids are not able to talk about it to anyone, many kids because who are not able to understand and handle these changes , goes in depression.

Generally your parents are your best bet to talk to . But if you feel uncomfortable talking to them about it, you can talk to your Teacher or Doctor too.

You are at the borderline between childhood and adulthood. At times you still find being kiddish is funny and at different times you feel your parents embarrassed you by treating your as a child, in public.

You become more conscious of your public image and you feel everything , every step you take is being noticed by all.

It is okay to be kiddish. You yourself and noticed many changes in your behavior when compared to Age 4 to 13.

You would have also noticed the , same situations, different reaction,  of your parents , who will be in their 40s and 50s and you at the age of 13. You may or may not like or feel their reactions are to boring for some situations.

This is your learning stage, acquire what you feel is good and correct and keep doing what you find is fun.

Remember, Fun don’t hurt anyone then only its fun.

It will take you another 2 to 3yrs to completely pass through this phase. The better habits and choice you make at this age , will be reflected on your future life. Make your choices wisely!

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