How To Study For CLAT Apart From The Regular Subjects? – by Shambhavi Mishra

A critical step to a decent preparation for CLAT perhaps is regularly newspapers and The Hindu is a good choice for this. The benefits are two fold, you are up to date with current affairs that form a considerable portion of the CLAT syllabus, and you also learn new terms to add to your vocabulary. Websites like Jagran josh also publish a list of the important events that happened in a day, every day, and they should also be studied. Writing at least one mock test everyday is essential to building good time management techniquesfor when you write the actual paper and at the same time keep in mind the negative marking.For candidates looking to further work on their vocabulary, they should refer to the book, ‘Word Power made Easy’ by Norman Lewis. Solving past year papers is also a must. Students should also download a dictionary on their phones and look up a new word whenever they come across it. For those concerned about their grammar they should refer to and practice questions from Wren and Martin. I cannot stress the importance of regular practice enough for a comprehensive preparation in CLAT and other legal entrance examinations but most importantly, prepare for the test not feeling pressured and anxious, but with a relaxed and confident attitude.

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