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    As woman’s age progresses over 40 yrs, they undergo various hormonal changes which affect physical and mental health. Body can obtain vitamin D in three ways: through foods that are naturally rich in vitamin D or that have been fortified; through synthesis in her skin when it is exposed to sunlight; and through dietary supplements. We need sunlight and good renal and liver function for the synthesis of vitamin D, although it can also be taken in diet
    The first knocking of Vitamin D requirement can be heard when you start experiences cramps in legs, pain in wrist & elbows, pain in calf while walking, heel pain in morning.

    First thing you need to do is get Blood serum calcium and Vitamin D(25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test) done from a reputed pathology lab and then see a physician who can guide you the dosage of both Calcium and Vitamin D.

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