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    Vandita Tiwari

    Digital World has also shrunk the world. You can be in any part of the world and mentoring a business existing in some other end of the world. I am a mentor to a few startups and some 1st stage businesses, all over India now.

    A lady recently started her business and asked to be her mentor. She very confidently said, “Vandita, a friend of mine is in business for past three years and she is doing well with her digital marketing techniques too. I have copied her and I have marked my presence on every digital media where her business exist. Still I am not getting the response”

    I asked her, Did you really copy everything of her business marketing?

    Yes was her reply.

    And ‘No’ was my reply.

    You must have fallen into digital marketing trend and put your foot in every social media , YouTube and may be search engines too. But what you forgot while copying is,

    You couldn’t copy her steps, why she choose one media over another.
    You couldn’t copy her timing of post.
    You couldn’t copy her originality.

    Like every person is different, every business is different too.

    Every business needs a different kind of focus.

    You can learn the tricks and tips from other business and then you need to modify them here and there to successfully apply in your business.

    If you copy, you are one of them. Why will customers come to you?

    Business can be from same stream. Approach to clients has to be different to compete.

    Copying may produce the similar results. Originality brings unexpected results.

    When you are ready to float your business, Be Original!

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