South African Reserve Bank scam

Scam mail , we advise all readers to be safe.

Email from:
Email to:undisclosed-recipients
Subject:Dear Beneficiary

Dear Beneficiary

This is to bring to your notice that a petition has just been filed at our office here at the South African Reserve Bank that you were involved in an advanced fee fraud with regards to a failed transaction past previous transaction. If this is correct, then you are qualified to receive a compensation payment in the amount of Five Million five hundred thousand United States Dollars payable to you upon response to this email in affirmation. Do send a detailed email with the following information for verification:
(i) Your complete name
(ii) Your mailing address
(iii) Your telephone and fax numbers
(iv) A valid picture identification, i.e. driver’s license or international passport

Upon receipt of the above requested information you shall receiver further directives on how to claim your compensation in the amount of 5.5Million(USD) Please note all information received from you shall not be circulated but kept in strictest confidentiality. Do call me on +27-83-432-1161 for further directives
Best Regards,
Mr. Donald Davis
Deputy Governor Financial Stability
South African Reserve Bank.

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