Dr.Prachi Pawar- Iodine Bindi Project, Life Saving Dot

So rightly said, Need is the Mother of Invention.

Creators at Grey were looking for a solution to address iodinedeficiency in India when doctor told them that it can be absorbed through the skin.

As 80% of women in India, wears a bindi, what can have been a better way . Provide the iodine through the skin , without going out of the way or chance of forgetting the intake.

Iodine bindis were distributed free to tribal women in villages near Nashik And Ahmednagar by Dr.Prachi Pawar, President of Neelvasant Medical Foundation & Research Center, a Nashik NGO.
Each women got 30 bindis to last a month. When stuck on forehead; It delivers the daily required amount of iodine 100-150 micrograms

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