Best Woman Entrepreneur Award

Is proposed to encourage women graduates and post graduates who have taken up creating or running organizations of any size and any field. Only female entrepreneurs who are in the business for quite some time in years, (a half decade or more) will be considered for this category. This award is aimed to encourage such woman entrepreneurs who opted to create jobs for others rather than who stand in long queues in front of job providers.



  • This ASDF Global Award is a non-monetary award to recognize the outstanding people and institute.
  • The nominee is requested to get prior approval from the respective organization which will not affect the Awards.
  • The nominee is requested not to pay any money for this nomination as the committee doesn’t charge anything for this award except a token of 1 £ or 1 $.
  • During Phase 3 evaluation, if called / visited there will be a charge to the nominee. From 2018, this is capped for a maximum of 10 $ for calls and 100 $ for in-person visits.
  • No reimbursements or funds will be granted as a result of this ASDF Global Awards.
  • The filing must be done on or before the deadline subjected to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • This is Global (International) scale of event.
  • Read more about ASDF Global Awards Nomination here


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