9 Business Ideas using Coconut Husk- Ecofriendly Business

Can a HUSK be of some use? Can it give a business opportunity?

As the world is trying to make a U-Turn back to use of natural resources than man-made, husk gives you plenty of options to grow as a entrepreneur.
If you happen to start this business, you get extra benefits as:
1. It is bio-degradable
2. Available in plenty
3. By using husk, you can actually reducing the unattended garbage
4. Need of the hour and so plenty business relaxations , loans and promotions offered by Government as well as NGO’s. And environmentalist will love you more!

Here are a few ways of using husk to start a business:
1.Coconut husk can be used for ​making Medium Density Fiber Boards
2. We can make some trendy Biodegradable Chairs out of it
3.Hydroponic Planting Medium, it is a support system for orchids and mushrooms business
4. Coconut husk ropes are in use from olden days
5. Erosion Netting, yes we can build a erosion reducing net through these husk and it will be very helpful for keeping our fertile soils intact.
6. Floor mats and rug are common in house items and can be made out of husk
7. Scrubbers can also be made out of the husk, and can have multiple use, it can be use body scrubber or helpful for removing cob-webs
8. Decorate your house by using husk made figurines, beautiful, affordable, close to nature and above all if you want to change the decor, you can throw away these decor, guilt free as they are biodegradable!
9. Coconut shells have dense micropores, its a best filter for small contaminant particles. Good to make activated carbon for filters.

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